Your Personality Type Based on These 6 Sleep Positions

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By: Kristina Guerrero | Meredith Witthar Posted: 11:41 PM, Mar 20, 2018 Updated: 9:15 AM, Nov 19, 2018

No matter how many hours you get, we all sleep. But the way you slumber says a lot about yourself. We spoke with sleep educator Lauri Leadley from Valley Sleep Center to learn what your sleep position says about you!

1. The Fetus

The first position on our list is called The Fetus. People who sleep like this lie curled on one side with their legs bent. “The fetal position is usually found in 41% of Americans,” reveals Lauri. “It’s more common in women than men.” They tend to be guarded at first, and need some time to open up. “Once you get to know them, they’re super warm, and fun, and fuzzy, and just like your best friend.” Sleeping in the fetal position is also good for your health! “It’s really good for people who have back and hip problems,” shares Lauri. “It’s also really good if you have marital problems, and you’re putting your back to your husband…just kidding!” Oh no she didn’t!

2. The Yearner

Next on our list is The Yearner. “The Yearner is kind of on your side, arms straight out in front of you.” If you sleep like this, you tend to be cynical and a slow decision maker. “And [you’re] just not someone that would be easy to get to know,” says Lauri. Does this sound like you?

3. The Solider

Our third sleep position is The Soldier. You lie on your back with both arms straight at your sides.  “This personality would be more quiet, reserved, and stiff – but sleeping on your back with your arms on your side is actually one of the best ways to sleep,” Lauri insists. Are you a Soldier?

4. The Freefall

Next up is The Freefall. You lie on your stomach with your head turned to the side and arms under the pillow. “The freefall position medically is called the prone position,” explains Lauri. “It is also kind of the party personality – which, I laugh, because freefall is like [a] face plant right? If you’re out partying, you’re gonna faceplant in your bed!” Any Freefallers out there wanna tell us if this is true?

5. The Starfish

Now let’s talk about The Starfish. You tend to lie on your back with legs sprawled out and arms above your head. “So it’s everyone’s friend, they’re super loving and warm, and just somebody that you really want to be around all the time,” describes Lauri. “Just outgoing!” Would you say you’re a Starfish?

6. The Log

Last on our list is The Log, which means lying on one side with legs straight and both arms resting at the sides. Log sleepers are extroverts and easygoing. You’re likely to be sociable, easy-going, and trusting in your daily life. People with this sleep position can be prone to gullibility. We guess you really can sleep like a log.


If you’ve ever wondered what your sleep position says about you, now you know! 

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