Virtual Runs 2019: How to Win Medals & Stay Fit with Online Races

By: Mike Dunn | Segun Oduolowu | Victor Padilla Posted: 9:00 AM, Apr 9, 2019

Around 60 million people a year run, jog or walk for health. And almost 19 million run organized races. But what if you can make a real race? That’s where virtual runs come in handy!  To learn more, we spoke with Jubilee Paige, Race Director for Aravaipa Running, who showed us three things to know about virtual races.


 1. What is a Virtual Run?


For starters, virtual runs are organized online race events that you run wherever you are in the world. This means you can literally be on a treadmill at the gym and your steps are being counted and tracked for a race. Signing up is easy! “You just find the right virtual race for you and whatever date or parameters they give you,” says Jubilee. “You can come out to your local parks, [or] you can run in your own neighborhood. But it’s completely designed how you want it.” This means you’ll get the exercise and competition of a real race, but you don’t have to travel to it!


2. How Do Virtual Runs Work?


Wondering how it all works? “It’s just like any other race,” explains Jubilee. “You enter and register, and basically we mail you all the fun goodies, swag, [and] prizes that you would normally get in a race.” This includes a bib you can wear in the race. Then once you select a distance, you sign up, pay the registration fee – which can range anywhere from $10 dollars to $50 dollars – and get ready to run. “A lot of races will allow you to run either a set date or within a parameter date range so you can complete that distance however or whenever you need to,” adds Jubilee. “Whether it’s by watch or an app, you submit those results usually through a GPX file or a link that shows us your results. Then we’re able to post those results.” Cool beans!


3. Virtual Runs with Medals


The final thing you should know about virtual runs? You get the same rewards as a real race. “Most race events or organizations will give you a race t-shirt that’s really cool that’s customized,” informs Jubilee.  “You get some kind of other race goodies, information and of course your medal.” And since race results are posted on the sites, you also get bragging rights!


Throw on some sneakers are start stretchin’ – because now you know everything you need to know about online runs. Ready, set, go!


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