Spiritual Cleanse: 5 Ways to Remove a Ghost from Your Home

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By: Victor Padilla Posted: 2:54 PM, Oct 24, 2018 Updated: 1:24 PM, Oct 2, 2019

Think your house is haunted by ghosts? No need to call Ghost Busters – a spiritual cleanse could be just what the witch doctor ordered. But where do you even start? Psychic medium Denise Guzzardo, via the Chicago Tribune, has five simple ways to remove a ghost from your home.

1. Sage


The first tip to remove a ghost from your home? Smoke out the spooks with some good ol’ sage! “This goes back to Native American cultures,” Denise tells the Chicago Tribune. “You can even get sage sticks at some grocery stores, and the smell of sage clears the space.” Sure, sage is pungent – but by the time the scent is gone, the evil vibes will have vamoosed!


2. White Candles


Sage isn’t the only thing you can burn for a spiritual cleanse – white candles stave off supernatural spooks, too! “There is positive energy in white candles,” Denise shares. “Votives are good to have on hand so you can light them in every room.” Think of it as using light to extinguish darkness!


3. Salt


This next item isn’t meant for burning – it’s time to get to sprinkling! Denise suggests dusting the entrance of your home with salt to keep the boos at bay. “This keeps them out,” she assures. Who knew a spiritual cleanse makes “getting salty” a good thing?


4. White Roses


Keep salt handy while placing this next item around your home: white roses! “White roses literally suck activity out of the house,” informs Denise. And here’s where the salt’s cleansing power comes back into play. “When [the roses] dry up, throw them out immediately, and rinse salt down the drain to clear out the energy they absorbed.” Leave that malevolent mojo high and dry!


5. Your Voice…and the Silent Treatment


This last tip won’t be a rosy experience for your ghostly houseguests: tell them to take a hike!  “Stand in the place where they are active and say you are not welcome here,” Denise advises. “Then don’t bring attention to them.” That’s right – give them the cold shoulder by halting any spirit-summoning activities like seances or Ouija board parties. “This only feeds the unhappy spirits and makes them more active.” Not today, Satan!


Don’t let troublesome spirits live in your pad rent-free! If you’re wondering how to remove a ghost from your home, now you’ve five tips to help you conduct a spiritual cleanse.


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