How to Cut an Avocado Safely – Try These 3 Hacks!

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By: Todd Covelli | Kristina Guerrero Posted: 10:41 AM, Jul 2, 2018 Updated: 10:49 AM, Jul 2, 2018

Avocados are blowing up the culinary world, as Americans eat nearly 50 million pounds a week. But along with that popularity comes some “cutting up” that doesn’t involve the food. The affliction has led to more trips to the hospital with the dreaded “avocado hand.” We’ve reached out to Chef Mario Gebran of U.S. Egg, who’s showing us how to cut an avocado with three safety tips.

1. How to Slice an Avocado in Half 

Here’s tip number one on how to cut an avocado safely. We’ll start off with carefully slicing the avocado by rotating it around the knife in your hand. You want to slowly rock the knife back and forth, and this should be the only time you hold the avocado in your bare hand. 

2. How to Pit an Avocado in Pro Style 

Ready for our second tip on how to cut an avocado safely? After you’ve sliced your avocado in half, what you’ll do is simply twist it apart and put the avocado down on your cutting board or a wet towel for traction. You then get your chef knife and give it a good whack to get the pit out. Chef Gebran recommends using the back part of the knife because that’s the sharpest. 

3. How to Remove With a Spoon 

Another dangerous mistake people make is trying to slice the avocado with the skin still on. Chef Gebran recommends removing the fruit with a basic kitchen spoon because it’s easier on your hands and the avocado itself. You gently go around the edges of the avocado half with the spoon, and once you’ve gone around the whole thing, the meat will pop right out. 

There’s no denying that Americans have a strong love affair with avocados – but enjoying this amazing fruit doesn’t have to be dangerous. Now you know how to cut an avocado without ending up in the E.R.

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