3 Super Cool Summer Pool Floats for Dogs

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By: Mike Dunn | Kristina Guerrero Posted: 9:54 AM, Jun 26, 2018

Summertime means hanging out in a pool on a hot day to stay cool. But too often, while we float around, our furry friends stand helplessly at the pool’s edge watching us. Well, that’s all about to change! Time to bring Fido into the fun with these cool pool floats for dogs.  

1. Swimways Paddle Paws Dog Pool Float 

You’re probably thinking that pool floats and doggy claws don’t mix, but it turns out they do! The Swimways Paddle Paws Dog Pool Float’s sturdy fabric makes it claw- and paw-friendly. The float also has a patented spring inside that makes assembly a breeze and gives it a little bit more stability. That way your dog won’t flip over while he’s enjoying the water. 

The Swimways Spring Paddle Paws Float can be found online for around $59.99.  

2. LD Dog Adjustable Life Jacket 

It’s not a shark. It’s the super tough LD Dog Adjustable Life Jacket. This amazing jacket is made of super durable material that is both lightweight and breathable for the summer. It features Velcro, and buckles in all the right places, which makes it very easy to adjust. And the rubber puppy saver handle on the top makes it easy to grab your pooch from the water when needed. 

You can find the LD Dog Life Jacket online for around $25.  

3. Funboy x Bark Luxury Dog Floats 

Let’s face it – our dogs deserve to relax in style. And that’s where the Funboy x Bark Luxury Dog Float comes in. It’s puncture resistant, so Fido won’t sink the ship with his claws. And if you’re less classic yacht and more classic car, then let Spot take the “wheel” of the pink Cadillac. The best part? You can get a matching pool float for yourself! 

Find your Funboy x Bark floats online starting at $60. 

So next time you’re having a pool party, don’t feel bad for Rover! Our furry friends can now have just as much fun in the sun, and do it in style. 



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