2018 Movies: 7 Places Giving Away Free Movie Tickets & Deals

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By: Jimmy Rhoades | Victor Padilla Posted: 8:17 PM, Jun 4, 2018 Updated: 3:08 PM, Jun 25, 2018

Looking for free movies and dirt-cheap ticket deals? Keep reading! With home theaters and great streaming content, traditional movie theaters are hurting. So we spoke with film critic David Ramsey about a new trend that can save movie lovers big money: movie clubs! We also rounded up a few special promotions to help you get free movie tickets. Read on for seven ways to score movie ticket deals and freebies.


1. Discounted Tickets with Cinemark Movie Club

Cinemark's membership is $8.99 a month, which gets you one regular 2D ticket. And you can see additional movies at that same discounted rate of $8.99 a pop. Unused tickets roll over with no expiration, and you can book online with no additional fee. But, wait, there’s more! “It gives you a twenty percent discount on concession,” adds David. “And if you bring someone with you, they can get the same price.” Oh, honey, sign us up!


2. Free Tickets with Atom Tickets

On June 4, Atom Tickets announced the launch of its new loyalty program that spells free tickets for Atom Rewards members! The ticketing app and website is offering members one free standard-format movie ticket for every four they buy. The program also lets you refer friends – and for every three tickets they buy, you’ll score another complimentary ticket. Free tickets must be used within 30 days, and the program expires November 30, reports Fortune.com.


3. Cheap Tickets from Sinemia

Another movie club option is Sinemia, which won’t get you a discount on concessions like Cinemark does – but you’ll be happy to know Sinemia recently lowered its pricing. Now, $4.99 gets you one 2D movie per month; $6.99 gets you two; $9.99 gets you two movies, including upgraded formats like IMAX and 3-D; and $14.99 gets you three movies, including those upgraded formats. These prices assume you pay in advance for an entire year. And based on the coverage maps we looked at, Sinemia has the most participating theaters.


4. Free Fandango Tickets

Fandango also recently launched a program providing users incentives and freebies. Fortune.com reports that for every four tickets purchased, members receive a $6 credit, which they can use for movie tickets or digital rentals. Offer expires August 31.



5. Dirt Cheap Tickets with MoviePass

Here’s he movie club that has everybody scratching their heads. MoviePass lets you watch one 2D movie per day for just $9.95 a month. “You buy one pass, and you can go see a movie every day,” explains David. “And there's no restrictions; you can go see the weekend of opening, which is very unusual. And you don't have to go during the day.”


Well, there are some tiny restrictions. For example, you can't see upgraded formats like 3D or IMAX, you can't book in advance, and you have to use the electronic kiosk at the theater to pay. And in a new restriction, you can't see the same movie twice using your pass. But that price sure is nice!


6. Free Movie Tickets with Cereal Box Purchase

If you love cereal and movie tickets, why not combine the two? Hip2Save.com highlighted a few sweet movie ticket freebies, and this cereal box offer is one of our favorites. From now through April 1, 2019, you can snag a free Fandango ticket to see the new ‘Solo’ Star Wars movie, or any Disney movie of your choice (maximum value $8), when you buy three specially-marked General Mills cereals. Read Hip2Save.com’s article for deets. Now all we want to know is how to smuggle a cereal box into the movies for a snack…


7. Free Movie Tickets with Ziploc Purchase

Fresh food is one thing, but nothing’s fresher than a free movie ticket! Hip2Save.com spotted another nifty freebie you can score from the aisles of the grocery store. Through June 30, get a $9 Fandango movie code to see any movie when you buy two Ziploc bags or containers. These items must be specially-marked with Avengers: Infinity War or Frozen packaging. Limit four codes per customer. Check out Hip2Save.com’s article for details.


Looking to save money on movie tickets this summer? Now you’ve got seven ways to enjoy your favorite flicks for free and cheap!


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